designEX reveals inspiring new dimensions for 2015

Last night saw the launch of designEX 2015, Australia’s original event for architecture and design, which is heading to Melbourne in May. The major announcements at the launch included designEX’s inaugural affiliation with Melbourne International Design Week; a new Event Manager taking the helm; and the 2015 keynote speaker.

Following the huge success of the 2014 event, designEX 2015 will again explore the latest in the architecture and design scene alongside the most respected and innovative brands in the industry. designEX delivers a truly unique design experience and with over 10,000 industry professionals participating each year. It is an opportunity for those in the business of architecture and design to be immersed in three days of cutting-edge collaboration and the ultimate in inspiration.

With designEX being a pivotal point in the Australian design calendar, it’s no surprise to see the exhibition as a cornerstone in the 2015 Design Matters: Melbourne International Design Week. A celebration of design excellence, the Melbourne International Design Week highlights the role of design as a catalyst for innovation, linking creativity with business, technology and society.

Design Matters is a series of landmark events including the likes of Hollywood entertainment design master classes; Design Futures forum and expo; Design for business research; Ideas on Design – International Design Forum; and Melbourne Architours, to name a few.

During Melbourne International Design Week, the National Architecture Conference will be co-located with designEX at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre – becoming an essential hub of creative inspiration and insight. As the designEX audience is mostly made up of architects and interior designers, in the years when designEX is joined by the National Conference presenting the 2 day program dedicated to architecture, designEX skew their own program towards the interior design audience and focus more on issues concerning practice of interiors.

The all-important keynote speaker at designEX 2015 will be renowned London-based interior designer Russell Sage, best known for his bespoke hospitality design involving 5 star hotels, premium members clubs and outstanding restaurants throughout the UK, France, Russia and Germany. Fervent in his necessity to work with true craftsmen and bespoke trades when producing interiors, the insights offered into his impeccable and often-flamboyant design methods are sure to set the scene for the exhibition. An interview and audience Q+A will follow the keynote session by Sage, who will be detailing the processes of his work, his unwavering passion for bespoke and artisan production, his philosophy on service design and why he is now the owner of Gainsborough Silk Weaving Company – which has been weaving in Suffolk since 1903.

designEX 2015 will also see Soren Norgaard step into the role of Event Manager, propelling designEX from strength to strength on the foundation of amazing work by Kobe Johns over the past five years. With a strong background in event management spanning an impressive two decades with companies such as Lego, Norgaard also played a key role as a designer for the Lego theme parks. Since moving to Australia, Norgaard has immersed himself working in exhibitions and events across a number of the biggest trade shows in Australia.

Norgaard is looking to further elevate both the status of up and coming designers on an international scale, along with continually pushing the boundaries of what our local design industry is exposed to through exhibitions such as designEX.

“I am very much looking forward to working closely with the designEX exhibitors and visitors alike in delivering exhilarating events in years to come”, says Norgaard.

designEX returns to Melbourne 13-15 May 2015 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.